Uniquity (Andrexen mobility)

Andrexen Uniquity is a mobility application available for IPhone, Ipad and Google Androïd.
Uniquity provides a business class service including 3way conferencing, all type of call transfers and a superior voice quality.
Uniquity supports Wifi & 3G access when available.

Andrexen makes the application available on the AppleStore and proposes a white label service.
This white label service is available for both Corporate and Service Providers.

An auto-provisioning service allows the user to use its ACS® Selfcare credentials.

For Windows users Uniquity Plug’in Edition offers a set of additional services: Print to fax, click-to-dial, call forward management and CTI integration with Outlook® contacts or other CRM applications (Salesforce, Sugar…).

Uniquity for Iphone :

  • SIP Softphone
  • Autoprovisioning with ACS® using selfcare login / password
  • White labeling
  • DTMF RFC 2833 support
  • NAT Traversal with Andrexen SBC (Session Border Control)
  • Excellent sound quality
  • G711 support
  • GSM support
  • G729 (optional) support
  • IPhone contact list instant access
  • Push notifications on incoming calls
  • Bluetooth headset support
  • Call recorder
  • Multitasking support (as of IOS 4.0)
  • Applestore compliant
  • Seven weeks from order to Applestore production
  • Music on hold
  • Blind / attended call transfer
  • Three way Conferencing
  • Second line

Uniquity Plug’in for Windows :

  • Windows 7.0 compliant
  • Outlook 2010 compliant
  • Small foot print
  • http tunneling – no firewall configuration
  • Using ACS® Webservices / API :
    • Call Forward
    • Print-to-fax
    • Click-to-call
  • One minute configuration using company name, login and password
  • Universal Click-to-dial on shortcut for every application (including Firefox, Chrome, Sharepoint…)
  • Customizable shortcut for click-to-call
  • Click-to-dial from Outlook using dedicated toolbar
  • Click-to-dial automatic association with ACS® user’s devices :
    • SIP Phone
    • Softphone
    • Mobile VoIP softphone
  • Call forward configuration through Outlook dedicated toolbar :
    • Unconditional, busy, no answer
    • Forward to voicemail, extension, external number, mobile phone
    • Enabling / disabling mobility service (VoIP Phone + Mobile phone ring at the same time)
  • Call diary :
    • Missed calls
    • Placed calls
    • Received calls
    • Direct click-to-call
  • Print-to-fax with every documents
    • Virtual printer
    • High quality service which preserves original sizing and style
  • Innovative presence management using Outlook Calendar to manage automatic call forwards :
    • Based on free/busy status
    • Associates busy meetings with specific call forward to voicemail, extension or mobile
    • Real time enabling / disabling
  • CRM integration with SALESFORCE, DYNAMICS, SAP or other :
    • Call a URL when a call is received
    • Call a script when a call is received
  • Native Outlook CRM integration with contacts :
    • Checking the Outlook contact
    • Raising the contact details if the caller DID is found


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