Rich Communication Suite (RCS)

Over the last years, OTT (Over The Top) players have been impacting a lot Operators Revenues, especially on voice & messaging services.

However, increased use of smartphones make the overall Communication pie bigger : Andrexen RCS product, Uniquity (r), allows Operators to take their share of the market.

Embedding IM, softphone, audio & video, file sharing, screensharing, Uniquity (r) allows Operators to fight on the B2C market against OTT threat with a white-label application ; on the B2B market, Uniquity (r) positions as a true Unified Communication solution, integrating easily with IP Centrex solutions.

Uniquity(r) key differentiators

• Seamless Solution : RCS service web interface to be accessed from anywhere with a html5 browser, « APP » packageable

• Innovating and trustworthy Application Server RCS 5.1
– 99,999% of availability
– Comprehensive and Unique integration with Web RTC world

• A client Suite available with …
– Uniquity Desktop: PC Windows
– Uniquity Web: Smartphones, Tablets (Android , iPhone, iPad), PC…
– Compliant with RCS clients 

• Optional but critical components
–Videoconference MCU / MRF compliant RCS & WebRTC
–Screensharing solution

• A solution to be inserted in IMS or in the Operator core network or in a stand alone mode

The Architecture of the Solution consists of 5 Components:


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