ACS ® IP Centrex

ACS® IPCentrex, a new generation of IP communication

Andrexen Communication Server ® (ACS ®) provides an IPCENTREX & Unified Communication solution allowing the business user to connect IP Phones from a large selection of suppliers and easily access to a very large set of innovative and state-of-the-art Unified Communication features.
On top of it, ACS® provides a new technology, Celix®, that brings to the market a unique way to deliver and monitor / supply maintenance to end-customers.
Putting into perspective the large set of features provided by ACS® IPCENTREX, the solution addresses various target of end-users, from SOHO businesses to large Corporations.

Comprehensive interfaces (web 2.0)

Administrator / Carrier / Integrator: monitoring, maintenance and support modules
BSS: SIP-IP phones & DIDs support. Multi-resellers, companies, sites, users
User selfcare: ergonomic end-user interface
O&A: Exhaustive overview of solution, from user SIP phone to every single machine of hosted platform

Easy integration within operator network

Modules with various Class IV manufacturers for both inbound and outbound calls
Natively mulitilingual platforms, managing dialplans
Emergency numbers compliant
Mass MGCP migration software modules


New IPCENTREX generation, using patented Celix® technology

Andrexen ACS® IPCENTREX is a second generation product. Based on a highly scalable and MVNO enabled structure, the solution offers innovative & powerful services.
A unique selling point of ACS® IPCENTREX consists in the way the service can be delivered and maintained at the customers by the Service Provider.
Using the Andrexen Celix® awarded-patented technology, the Service Provider will dramatically reduce delivery time & optimize the skill of its integration team:

1. Dramatically reducing the time of customer delivery: from 7 minutes to 90 seconds per device.

2. Offering a seamless deployment scenario on every type of IP connectivity: whereas traditional UC / Hosted / Switch / Virtualized IPBX need either a specific IP Configuration from the operator OR a preconfigured IPPhone, Celix allows a 100% agnostic deployment!

3. Offering an acceptable VoIP topology from an IT management perspective: where traditional VoIP solutions appear as hazardous ones for IT managers (sip port, dynamic UDP/RTP ports…)

4. Dramatically raising the availability from a customer perspective. Where even top quality IPCentrex implementation needs specific & incredibly expensive routing solution (VRRP…) at the customer and redundant IP access provided by the operator, Celix allows an affordable plug’n play and highly reliable solution using every IP Network (allow a 50% reduction of the IP resource costs).

Learn more about additional benefits of the Celix : get Data Sheet.


IPCENTREX Key Features.  

Features Description
Call Forward Allows to forward a call unconditionally / if the callee is busy / if the callee does not answer / if the callee can not be reached
Call on Hold Allows to put a call on hold, play a music for the caller, call an extension and forward the call to this extension or take the call again
Call interception & pickup (**extension) Allows to intercept a call when a phone is ringing and the user knows on which extension
Random call pickup (**) Allows to intercept a call when a phone is ringing and the user doesn’t know on which extension
Call Supervision Allows to see who is on the phone from IP Phone screen
Call interception & pickup on phone keypad Allows to intercept a call from IP Phone screen (if supported by the SIP Phone)
Conference Bridge Supported by ACS®  platform (separate license)
3 ways-conferencing Allows to handle a phone call with 3 perosns on separates phones (if supported by the SIP Phone)
Receive Call on DID Allows to receive a call on the account linked to a specific DID. Would a DID be linked to several devices, then all devices could ring at the same time (if configured as such)
Receive Call on Extension Allows to receive a call through a short number. This extension can be used on several devices (SIP Phones, smartphones with SIP account set up)
Name Presentation  (i.e. : J.Smith) With ACS®, for internal calls, names are displayed, not DID
Ring Group Name Presentation When caller calls a group, ring group name is displayed on phone screen : [ring group_name]
Multi-Reception Call Allows a user to receive calls from any ring group. Each ring group announces its own name : [ring group_name]. Therefore in multi-locations companies, a single receptionnist can easily handle all locations and transfer calls to anybody.
Call Tracking When ‘b’ receives a call transferred or forwarded by ‘a’, the phone screen announces ‘(a name)’ followed by the DID of the caller
Voice Mail Up to 300 messages can be stored per user. Busy and no answer specific message.
Multi-Line Supported by ACS®. May be limited by the SIP Phone.
Call Forward via XML browser Allows to configure call forward through the SIP Phone Interface
Unconditional call forward Allows a user to easily configure an unconditional call forward through any IP Phone by dialing ‘*number#’
Boss/Secretary Filtering When activated, secretary receives all incoming calls to his/her boss and is the only one able to transfer a call to his/her boss
Boss/Secretary filtering Activation Feature activated / deactivated via XML browser (if IP Phone supports it) or through self care interface
Access to contact list via XML browser Feature accessible via XML browser (if IP Phone supports it) or through self care interface
Additional xml services Allows to display specific information on device, such as weather, web browser…
Pre-Answer (with ring group & elipse management) Plays a audio file before the called party picks up the phone. Audio file uploaded through self care interface

Non exhaustive.  Learn more/get Data Sheet.

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