ACS ® SIP Trunking


ACS ® SIP Trunking : SBC Business Trunking & Carrier Connect

SIP trunking solutions allow organizations to enjoy VoIP advantages without changing material at the client site. Andrexen SIP trunking solutions provide superior user experience.

Secured Trunk SIP

  • Anti-hacking system
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Real-time link back up :switch to back up link in case of packet loss – no hang up
  • Real-time monitoring of voice quality
  • Multi-channel monitoring warning alert
  • Native remote maintenance access to PBX

DID management

  • DID displayed or not
  • Up to 900 DID per trunk SIP account

Interoperability with major PBX manufacturers

  • Alcatel OXO & OXE
  • Avaya
  • Panasonic
  • Snom
  • Epigy
  • Amiritel

Andrexen Communication Server ® (ACS ®) provides a SBC “BTCC” solution providing 2 key services: i. a Business Trunking service enables carriers to connect their corporate users with PBX & IPBX devices and ii. a carrier connect system.


Turn Key Solution

 Andrexen SBC “BTCC” plays a critical role in the operator infrastructure.

It allows the connexion of the Andrexen platform with various equipments located at the customer premise including IPBX. This service prevents the Operator / Service Provider from investing in expensive mediagateway. The ‘Business trunking’ service delivers a SIP Trunk account to be used on the customer IPBX while Andrexen SBC is located at the Operator / Service Provider and allows to dialog with every network topology without any need of change on the customer LAN and/or WAN.

So as to enable AS business trunking to deliver an efficient level of quality & service, Andrexen SBC enjoys following features : NAT traversal support, multivendor compliance, digit manipulation, CAC, compliance with all IPBX services such as music on hold, transfer…

Andrexen SBC allows the operator to connect (‘Carrier Connect’) SIP carriers to the infrastructure to terminate and collect calls between SIP Trunk customers and carriers. It allows SIP manipulation and SIP routing based on various data.

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