Corporate solutions in the Cloud

Whatever your business is, Cloud-based Andrexen solutions provide seamlessly integrated features in order to improve overall productivity and communication flows within the organization.


Cloud-based solutions are especially suitable for growing multi-location SMBs or Corporations, with needs for flexible and easy-to-set-up solutions.


Cloud-based solutions enable you to focus on your core business, outsource the complexity of your communications to Andrexen, while ensuring you to fully master your day-to-day configuration needs of communication, through comprehensive and intuitive web 2.0 interfaces.


If needed, migration from Andrexen Cloud to a dedicated ACS® platform is easy : no need to commit on heavy investment as Andrexen offers a flexible business model from SAAS to acquisition.


Andrexen offers today one of the most comprehensive set of unified communication features, including easy integration with existing mail services (Lotus, Exchange, Zarafa…) rich presence, fixed to mobile convergence and software communicator.

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