Andrexen launches the very first Web Unified Communication solution, Uniquity®-Web for Operators, & ISPs – leveraging Medooze and TeleStax, Inc Solutions.


Forget about setting up a heavy plug in, handling with OS compatibility troubles …  Uniquity®-Web is a  powerful all-in-one web communication solution available to each and every user having a mere browser, allowing to enjoy a unique set of functionalities : voice and Video HD, presence, instant messaging, file transfer, remote control desktop.


Paris, October 14th 2013 – Since 2004, Andrexen positions as a French Software Innovator in the field of Unified Communication solutions for Operators and Service Providers. “Andrexen was the first company in Europe to launch a softphone on iOS and Android. With Uniquity®-Web, Andrexen strengthens its position of Innovator with the release of the very first worldwide comprehensive Web Unified Communication solution, compliant with RCS 5.1 standards but also providing OTT-like features. Our vision is to bridge IMS-RCS and OTT approach sothat Operators and Service Providers have unlimited business opportunities”, explains Gregoire Boutonnet, founder and CEO of Andrexen.

So as to quickly develop and commercialize Uniquity®-Web, Andrexen has set up a strategic collaboration with the Spanish based company Medooze and the US based company Telestax, inc.. Telestax is a leading provider of Open Source Communications software and services that facilitate the shift from legacy systems (SS7 IN systems) to IMS and cloud based networks. Uniquity®-Web leverages the MCU Video Conferencing Server from Medooze, based on carrier-grade TelScale SIP Servlets from TeleStax, for its robustness and scalability allowing Uniquity®-Web to uniquely bridge SIP, WebRTC and legacy users together in a same conference.


Two key differentiators position Uniquity ® as a breakthrough in the Unified Communication world.

  1. A comprehensive panel of features answers the needs of each and every user,  revolutionizing the traditional ways of communication within and outside SMB, Corporate Organizations or the Residential Market:
    1. voice with both Uniquity® users and the outside world transform Uniquity®-Web as a real phone for the everyday life on every device, from PC to smartphones
    2. instant messaging & presence with existing Uniquity® users allows an optimal way of communicating within the Organization and answers the needs of dedicated IM solutions for SMB and Corporate market ;
    3. file transfer and remote desktop & screensharing reinforce the ease of remote  audioconference with 2+ people alleviate the needs for specific audioconferencing tools with the regular hassle of pincode/access management
    4. videoconference with 2+ people is the cherry on the cake, making all videoconferencing tools out of date and allowing better productivity and cost optimization for the Organization


  1. The easiness to install and use the software also strongly advocates for Uniquity®-Web. Set up of the software is done in a few clicks, and the only pre-requisites for a comprehensive use of the solution are a browser and a webcam.

Learn more about Uniquity and visit Or request a demo at


About Andrexen

Andrexen is a worldwide Software Editor developing and commercializing innovating VoIP and Unified Communication applications since 2004. Andrexen provides Service Providers, Operators, and Corporations with end-to-end, ready-to-use, feature-rich IP telephony and communications solutions through a unique and patented technology architecture.

Our Portfolio of Application Server consists of Business Trunking, IPCentrex, MobileCentrex, RCS5.1, Unified Communication, and Mobile VAS (Voicemail, VisualVoicemail, RBT).

With references in Europe, North America, South-East Asia and Africa, Andrexen works hand-in-hand with Operators and helps them provide Enterprises’ customers with appropriate convergence solutions and residential customers. Andrexen solutions bring productivity, increase ROI to any type of business and are compliant with every network (SIP, WiMax, LTE… ).
As a leading player in SIP & Unified Communication, Andrexen is a member of Oseo Excellence and Croissance Plus networks. More information at


About Telestax

TeleStax ( provides Open Source Communications software and services that facilitate the shift from legacy SS7 based IN networks to IP based LTE and IMS networks hosted on private (on-premise), hybrid or public clouds. TeleStax products ( Restcomm, JSLEE, SMSC Gateway, USSD Gateway, SS7 Resource Adaptors, SIP Servlets, Rich Multimedia Services, Presence Services/RCS, Diameter/AAA Services, XMPP Services, WebRTC services and others. TeleStax powers cloud communications for the world’s leading service providers in countries across 5 continents.


About Medooze

Medooze provides both open and close source media solutions, consultancy and support for VoIP and broadcasting services since 2007. Medooze MCU provides a highly functionality and low cost solution for seamless multiconferencing across a different range of devices (hard phones, soft pones and web phones) using different technologies (SIP, Flash or WebRTC) and codecs (H264, VP8, MPEG4 and H263). Also provides APIs interfaces (SOAP and REST) to be able to be easily integrated into third party services.

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